Best Shelf Bathroom Organizer

Best Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet to Maximize Storage

by Besthometec

If you are running out of storage in your bathroom, you might think of the medicine cabinet or vanity space, but what about over the toilet? This simple and cost-effective solution keeps bathroom essentials organized and neat.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. It’s also one of the most difficult to keep clean and organized. You need to have the right kind of storage to make sure you can easily find and organize the things you need, and it gets complicated if you run out of storage space or have a small bathroom. Therefore the best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is the perfect solution. Because the area over the toilet is empty anyway so over the toilet bathroom organizer can fit easily without installing any permanent pieces, which is a better option for rentals.

The best standing bathroom shelves are versatile, rust-resistant, and functional storage units available in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, some are equipped with adjustable shelves, towel racks, and even hooks. Not only that, but you can also decorate them according to your style to beautify your bathroom space.

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TOP 7 Best Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

You may not have thought of organizing your bathroom with over the toilet bathroom organizer. Still, it could be an easy and inexpensive solution to a cluttered space. Here we have some of the best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet that will be a great addition to your home.

1. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

Bathrooms can be the most disorganized room in a home. With so many items in such a small space, bathroom organization is a challenge, and there is nothing more frustrating than a cluttered bathroom. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet is designed to help you get organized in your bathroom. This product may be one of the best bathroom organizers available due to its practical and functional design.

With its high quality, durable, and elegant design, this item is sure to fit perfectly with any bathroom furnishing. This bathroom organizer is not only stylish but also easy to use. It comes with the capacity to hold many bathroom necessities in three-tier storage shelves and will not take up too much space. The organizer has a solid MDF wood construction and comes with a sublime white, grey, and espresso finish, making it perfect for any bathroom.

The bottom shelf of this over the toilet storage is adjustable. It allows you to choose different heights to fit perfectly above standard toilets: the frame measures 62 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 25 inches long. With a slightly tapered design, you can install it without worrying about tipping over or shaking.

When it comes to installing these best standing bathroom shelves, you can quickly do it without any professional help at home. The package contains the bathroom shelf, installation instruction manual, and installation tools. It comes in IKEA-style pieces, which require careful assembling, and with the help of installation instruction, it shouldn’t take much time, and you have to be a little patient for that. Furthermore, the plus point of having this best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is that it doesn’t require drilling holes in the floor or walls.


  • High quality materials.
  • Great for space-saving.
  • Perfect for small bathrooms.
  • The 3-tier shelves provide plenty of storage space.
  • Sturdy design.


  • The bottom brace might require modification to allow a toilet water line.
  • Accessing the toilet water tank requires removing the bottom shelf.

Product info

MaterialEngineered Wood
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
Room TypeBathroom
Shelf TypeTiered Shelf
Number of Shelves3
Special FeatureWater Resistant
Product Dimensions10″D x 25.1″W x 61.5″H
Age Range (Description)Adult
Size10D x 25.1W x 61.5H in
Assembly RequiredYes
Item Weight20 Pounds
Furniture FinishWood
Installation TypeFreestanding
Product Dimensions10 x 25.1 x 61.5 inches
Item Weight20 pounds

2. ALLZONE Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet Storage

Do you have a messy bathroom? Or, perhaps your bathroom needs a makeover? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are in luck! ALLZONE has just the product for you! Their bathroom organizer over the toilet storage is a must-have for every bathroom. It is the perfect solution to the problem of storing everything from towels to soap to lotions to hair products. It’s also a great way to organize your bathroom, making it easier to find what you need at a glance.

Unlike other, over the toilet storage organizers, this model has a minimal footprint for space-saving. The structure of this storage organizer consists of vertically mounted telescopic steel tubing from floor to ceiling that takes up very little space and fits behind your toilet easily without blocking the toilet water line. No matter what size your bathroom is, this best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet will provide you extended storage by taking up less space.

The AllZone best standing bathroom shelves come with an open 4-tier shelf design. It provides plenty of storage space for toiletries such as toilet paper, towels, shampoos, and other bathroom essentials. This over the toilet storage organizer measures 116 inches high and 10.6 inches wide. Each shelf can hold 22 lbs and therefore is suitable for all types of bathroom accessories. 

One of this standing bathroom shelve’s best and most functional features is its adjustability. You can adjust the height and width of the shelves according to your needs. Moreover, the height of the vertical telescopic poles is also adjustable to fit uneven ceilings. Furthermore, the shelves come with antislip liners, making it easy to store your products, and you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

Installation of this best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is straightforward. It doesn’t require any tools or drilling holes. The easy-to-follow instructions are enough to install it anywhere in your house.


  • Multi-purpose uses anywhere in the house.
  • Adjustable structure.
  • 4-tier shelves provide plenty of storage.
  • Easy to install.


  • You cannot tighten shelves to the extended pole that is smaller in diameter.

Product info

Mounting TypeCeiling Mount,Floor Mount
Room TypeBathroom, Kitchen, Laundry room, Garage
Shelf TypeAdjustable
Number of Shelves4
Special FeatureAdjustable
Product Dimensions10.6″D x 33″W x 116″H
StylePipe Shelf
Age Range (Description)Adult
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Assembly RequiredYes
Recommended Uses For ProductIndoor
Furniture FinishWhite
Installation TypeFreestanding, Wall Mount
Product Dimensions10.6 x 33 x 116 inches
Item Weight14.72 pounds

3. Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over-The-Toilet

The Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over-The-Toilet is an innovative product that has the potential to change the way we all use bathroom shelves. The unique design of this product allows it to be placed over the toilet bowl, making it possible to use it as a shelf for storing toiletries.

The Spirich over the toilet bathroom organizer has a sleek classic cabinet design on top and a single open shelf. You can stash your stuff out of sight inside the cabinet while keeping other things in reach on the open shelf, such as toilet rolls and towels. Inside the cabinet, you get an adjustable shelf to accommodate all your toiletries; meanwhile, the cabinet doors come with robust hinges for easy opening and closing. The storage doesn’t end there, and you can also use the roof of the cabinet for storage or decorations.

This multipurpose best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is made of high-quality MDF wood and beadboard paneling for decoration. These materials are long-lasting and easy to maintain, and clean. You can choose this over the toilet cabinet storage unit in white and espresso finish to match your bathroom.

No matter how small your bathroom is, this over the toilet organizer from Spirich will fit perfectly. It can be fitted over toilets of 33.3 inches in height and will leave enough space for the toilet lid to open without hitting the bottom shelf. The overall measurements of this bathroom organizer are 66 inches in height, 24.8 inches in length, and 9 inches in depth. It would be best if you weren’t concerned about this best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet tipping because it comes with a wall anchor for stability and prevents it from tipping over.

Installing these best standing bathroom shelves from Spirich can be tricky even though a detailed instruction guide is provided and all the parts are numbered. The installation hardware is provided as well.


  • Multipurpose bathroom organizer.
  • Cabinet storage for keeping stuff out of sight.
  • High-quality materials with classic design.
  • It fits over standard-size toilets.
  • Takes less bathroom space.


  • Installation can be tricky and takes a few hours to assemble the cabinet organizer.
  • It requires drilling holes for the wall anchors.

Product info

MaterialEngineered Wood
Recommended Uses For ProductBathroom
Product Dimensions9″D x 24.8″W x 66″H
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
Room TypeBathroom
Door StyleRaised Panel
Finish TypePainted
Number of Doors2
Number of Drawers2
Number of Shelves3
Product Care InstructionsWipe with Dry Cloth
Base TypeLegs
Installation TypeFreestanding
Handle MaterialNickel
Assembly RequiredYes
Product Dimensions9 x 24.8 x 66 inches
Item Weight38.6 pounds

4. Fit Right 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet Storage

Whether it’s shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, razors, or hair products, you can never find what you need. The problem is that your bathroom countertops are overflowing with stuff, and you don’t have anywhere to put it all. If you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom, it’s time to invest in the Fit Right best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet.

This open shelf over the toilet organizer is made of stainless steel and has a black and white finish. The stainless steel is rust-resistant and will last longer, so you don’t have to worry about looking for another bathroom organizer anytime soon. 

The Fit Right over the toilet organizer comes with three open-shelf designs. It provides clutter-free additional storage without taking up much space. You can conveniently place your towels, toilet paper, shampoo, hair products and all on the three shelves for easy access. It also has hooks for hanging your bath towels, scrub, or other bathroom accessories.

The height of this best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is 36 inches from the ground. It makes it a perfect storage rack for most bathrooms as this height is more than the average toilet dimensions. However, you can adjust the rack height, and it comes with anti-skid footing to keep it firmly in place. Overall, this over the toilet rack measures 66 inches in height, 27 inches in length and 10 inches wide. 

For installation, all the parts need to be assembled with easy to follow instruction guide provided with the parts. To perfectly balance the shelf organizer, you must stick the reinforcement button to the wall and attach the rack. The nice thing about the reinforcement buttons is that it doesn’t require drilling; instead, they use adhesive to stick to the wall. One thing you need to take care of before purchasing is that your toilet’s water line should be above or below 9-11 inches; otherwise, the support tube will come in the way.


  • Rust-resistant bathroom organizer.
  • Three-tier open shelves for lots of clutter-free storage.
  • It can fit almost any size bathroom.
  • It comes with hooks for additional storage.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy installation.


  • It could be a little sturdier.

Product information

MaterialStainless Steel
Mounting TypeFloor Mount,Ground Mount
Room TypeBathroom
Shelf TypeOpen Shelf, Adjustable Shelf
Number of Shelves3
Special FeatureAdjustable
Product Dimensions11″D x 36″W x 3″H
Age Range (Description)Youth
BrandFit Right
Size11D x 36W x 3H in
Assembly RequiredYes
ManufacturerFit Right
Item Weight2.9 Kilograms
Furniture FinishWhite, Stainless Steel, Black
Installation TypeGround Mount,Freestanding
Product Dimensions36 x 11 x 3 inches
Item Weight6.38 pounds

5. Spirich Home Over The Toilet Bathroom Organizer with Moru Tempered Glass Door

When you’re looking for a bathroom organizer, you want to find something that’s both functional and beautiful. But what if you need something that can handle the rigors of the bathroom? That’s where the Spirich home over the toilet bathroom organizer with Moru tempered glass door comes in. It helps you organize your bathroom by creating extra storage space and decorating it with its stunning contemporary looks.

The Spirich best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet is made from MDF and Pinewood, making it a durable design. It is available in white and espresso colors to match your bathroom. Meanwhile, it measures 66.9 inches in height, 26.7 inches in length, and 9.4 inches wide. It measures 32.7 inches from the floor to the bottom shelf, which can fit over standard toilets.

In terms of storage, this bathroom organizer over the toilet has a closed cabinet and an open shelf. The cabinet inside has an adjustable shelf for additional storage. Its doors have Moru tempered glass doors to stow away anything unsightly by organizing your bathroom. The door hinges are heavy-duty and will not give away so quickly; meanwhile, large pewter finish handles adds more to the looks. Its open storage shelf, on the other hand, is for those items which need to be easy to access, and the shelf measures 9.2 x 22.6 inches. 

For installation, a step-by-step assembly guide is included to make the task more manageable, and all hardware is provided. For added safety, the whole cabinet storage organizer must be mounted on a wall anchor to prevent it from tipping over. Furthermore, the manufacturer backs this product with free parts replacement if damaged.


  • Contemporary looks.
  • Plenty of storage for a clutter-free bathroom.
  • Multipurpose and sturdy design.
  • Free parts replacement guarantee.


  • The bottom shelf leaves little to no room for the toilet lid.

Product information

Recommended Uses For ProductBathroom
Product Dimensions9.4″D x 26.77″W x 66.92″H
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
StyleMoru Glass Door
Room TypeBathroom
Number of Doors2
Number of Shelves3
Product Care InstructionsWipe with Damp Cloth
Item Weight42.9 Pounds
Base TypeLegs
Installation TypeFreestanding
Handle MaterialNickel
Assembly RequiredYes
Product Dimensions26.77 x 9.4 x 66.92 inches
Item Weight42.9 pounds

6. Spirich Home Over The Toilet Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

An over the toilet cabinet organizer is a must-have in any bathroom, especially when running low on bathroom storage. Therefore Spirich home over the toilet bathroom cabinet organizer is an innovative, elegant, and easy-to-use solution that will help you organize your bathroom. 

It is one of the best standing bathroom shelves that hold all the items you need while in the bathroom, such as towels, toothbrushes, soap, lotions, and the like. It is made of laminated MDF and particle board making it a durable design. They are available in white and espresso finish to match the looks of your bathroom.

This space-saving best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet has four open cubbies to store all your necessary bathroom items for quick access. Meanwhile, the bottom part has a cabinet with doors to stash away towels and toilet papers out of sight. Similarly, you can use the top of this storage organizer for decorating your bathroom.

Fitting this over the toilet organizer in your bathroom shouldn’t be a problem as it takes very little space and creates additional storage space for all your toiletries. It measures 68.5 inches high, 23.4 inches in length, and 7.4 inches in width. This cabinet organizer will leave enough room for the toilet lid to stay up because it measures 34.2 inches from the floor to the bottom part of the cabinet. Furthermore, the base support brace is placed 9-10 inches from the floor, making it a little shy of standard toilet water line fitting.

This best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet from Spirich will arrive in flat packaging with all the pieces marked for assembling. An instruction guide is also provided along with all the hardware. Furthermore, you must mount the cabinet on the wall anchors to prevent tipping over for safety.


  • Separate compartments to organize bathroom products.
  • It creates plenty of storage space.
  • It can fit any bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted hangers to prevent tipping over.
  • It leaves room for the toilet lid to stay open.


  • You have to be careful when fitting the particle board pieces.

Product information

Material‎Engineered Wood
Recommended Uses For Product‎Towels
Product Dimensions‎7.48″D x 23.43″W x 68.5″H
Mounting Type‎Wall Mount
Room Type‎Bathroom
Door Style‎Flat Panel
Finish Type‎Painted
Number of Doors‎2
Number of Drawers‎1
Number of Shelves‎5
Product Care Instructions‎Wipe with Damp Cloth
Item Weight‎35.6 Pounds
Base Type‎Legs
Installation Type‎Freestanding
Handle Material‎Nickel
Assembly Required‎Yes
Item Weight‎35.6 pounds
Product Dimensions‎7.48 x 23.43 x 68.5 inches
Item model number‎SS19-SPT-BA22
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Assembled Height‎68.5 inches
Assembled Width‎7.48 inches
Assembled Length‎23.43 inches

7. Giantex Over-The-Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet


This excellent over-the-toilet storage cabinet from Giantex that is easy to install and looks fabulous. This storage cabinet is designed to hold toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and other bathroom supplies. Furthermore, it is a multifunctional storage cabinet that can be used anywhere in your house and create clutter-free storage.

This cabinet storage over the toilet is made from high-quality MDF wood, freeing it from mildew in your bathroom. Moreover, it comes with a glossy white finish with non-toxic paint. Due to its smooth finish, it is dustproof and easy to clean all you have to do is wipe it off with a cleaning cloth.

The Giantex best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet has three-tier storage. At the top and bottom, you get an open shelf design, whereas the middle cabinet has a door closure. Therefore you can get extended storage for all your toiletries, towels, and skincare products, and all this when this standing over the toilet cabinet takes very little space.

This over the toilet shelf is designed higher off the floor to fit above the toilet or washing machine. It measures 35 inches from the floor and has a total height of 69 inches, 25 inches in width, and 10 inches in depth. With these measurements, this storage unit can fit any size bathroom without any modification or taking more space and leaves enough room for the toilet lid to stay open.

Installation of this one of the best standing bathroom shelves is relatively easy as a detailed description of how to assemble it is provided.


  • Compact design with ample storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable construction.
  • Space-saving design.
  • It leaves room for the toilet lid to stay open.
  • Multipurpose design.


  • It requires a wall anchor for support.

Product information

Material‎Engineered Wood, Wood, Metal
Product Dimensions‎10″D x 25″W x 69″H
Mounting Type‎Floor Mount
Room Type‎Bathroom
Finish Type‎Painted
Number of Doors‎2
Number of Drawers‎2
Number of Shelves‎3
Item Weight‎31.5 Pounds
Item Weight‎31.5 pounds
Product Dimensions‎25 x 7.5 x 69 inches

How to choose the best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet

After reading through our list of best shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet, you might have decided on which one to buy. But there is more to over the toilet bathroom organizer as there are some critical features to know beforehand. Make sure to go through the buyer’s guide to getting acquainted with those vital features.


The first thing you need to consider before buying an over the toilet bathroom organizer is its size and where you need to install it. Although almost all bathroom organizers over the toilet fit standard-size toilets, it is a best practice to take necessary measurements. If the measurements are slightly off the shelf, the organizer will not fit your bathroom.

Storage Capacity

You should consider the number of items you need to store in the bathroom organizer. There could be many items or products in your bathroom that requires separate storage. So make sure the shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet you purchase has enough storage capacity for all the items you need to store. Most storage units come with two to four shelves or cabinets.


Make sure the over the toilet bathroom organizer you want to purchase is sturdy and durable. Because nobody wants their bathroom storage organizer to fall over them, it should be strong enough to hold its weight and that of all the items stored in it.

The common materials you can find are wood and metal. Whereas metal frames are sturdy and durable, they are prone to rust; therefore, you need to choose rust-resistant materials such as stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. On the other hand, wood is a better option but needs to be treated to prevent water damage, and if it is paint protected, it will be a cherry on top.


Can I use over the toilet shelf organizer for other uses?

Yes, almost all the bathroom organizers over the toilet can be used for clutter-free storage around your house, such as a bathroom, laundry room, and even to organize stuff inside your room. 

Will the shelf bathroom organizer fit over my toilet?

Almost all shelf bathroom organizers will fit your toilet because they are designed for standard-size toilets, which measure between 27-30 inches from the floor and 14-17 inches in length from the wall to the rim. If unsure about the fitting, you can take measurements before purchase.

Will the shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet tip over?

The shelf bathroom organizer is usually 65-69 inches tall and has a higher center of gravity, preventing them from tipping over. Furthermore, they have a broader base to keep them in place, so there are slim chances of such an accident. If you are concerned about the storage organizer tipping over, you can secure it against the wall with the help of wall anchors.

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