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Find The Perfect & Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplacesfor Your Home with Our Guide

by Besthometec

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces, sometimes called wall hanging or wall mounted electric fireplaces, are a great way to enjoy a real fire in your home without taking up a lot of space.

The main advantage of wall mount electric fireplaces is that they don’t require recessed installation like other types of fireplaces, and they can be installed on most flat surfaces in your home.

To prevent them from protruding too much from the wall, they are designed to be as thin as possible. Despite the fact that they can be thinner than other types of fireplaces, they still create beautiful flame effects and heat the house at the same time.

As a result, wall mount electric fireplaces are a great investment for your home, which is why we’ve put together this complete guide to the best wall mount electric fireplaces you can buy right now.

Our spare bedroom needs an electric fireplace, so we’ve done a lot of research on them. As such, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when choosing an electric fireplace for your wall, such as the size, flame colors, media options , finishes  etc.

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Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces Currently On The Market

1. W.FLAME Electric Fireplace

Heat Output:5,100 BTU/h
Heating Area:400 sq ft
Termostat Range:With Thermostat
Width:30”, 36”, 50”, 60”
Height:18.11 inches
Power:750W/1500W (120V)

This is the best wall mount electric fireplace on the market. With the integrated in-wall installation kit, you can mount the R.W Flame Recessed and Wall Mount Fireplace directly onto a wall or recess it for a seamless look.

It can provide additional warmth to a room that measures up to 400 square feet with its adjustable wattage of 750W and 1000W.It is also available in five different widths: 30″, 36″, 42″, 50″, 60″, so you can monitor your energy use more easily.

With an ultrathin construction measuring 3.85 inches, this fireplace is stylish, modern, and ultrathin. When mounted on the wall, it doesn’t protrude too far out and fits flush against the wall when recessed.

There are some aesthetically pleasing features as well, including the ability to switch between 12 LED flame colors and 12 bed colors, so you can create the perfect atmosphere for any room. Additionally, the flame brightness and speed can be adjusted.

With the innovative touch-screen control, you can easily select the flame settings and switch between heat levels even from the comfort of your armchair. You can program the electric fireplace to automatically switch off the heat after a certain period of time after it reaches the set temperature. It also comes with an automatic heat-kill feature.

As the fan operates in near-silence while it’s running, this electric fireplace won’t cause a lot of noise. Additionally, this unit has a front-facing vent, so you don’t have to allow for ventilation when installing it in a wall recess.


  • Electric fireplaces with the best price-performance
  • two-stage heating; 750W and 1,500W
  • Most flame options (12 colors, 5 insensitive, 5 speeds, with 12 multi-color modes)
  • low price – costs less than $1,000
  • popular choices


  • Unlike Touchstone or Dimplex, R.W.Flame does not have the brand recognition of a big name

Product info

Product Dimensions3.85″D x 50″W x 18.11″H
Installation TypeWall Mount
Ventilation Typeventless
Item Weight48.4 Pounds
Model NameRFH-5001L
Chamber Depth18.1 Inches
Chamber Height18.11 Inches
Product Dimensions18.1 x 3.85 x 50 inches
Item Weight48.4 pounds

2. Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

Type:Built-In Insert
Heating Power:1,500W / 5,118 BTU
Available Widths:42″, 50″, 60″, 72″, 100″
Brand Reputation:4.7 out of 5 stars
Flame Options:6 Colors, 5 Intensities, 3 Speeds
Extra Features:Hard-Wire Ready, Smart Wi-Fi Controls

Touchstone’s flagship model – the Touchstone Sideline Elite – does an excellent job of incorporating everything right – the heating power, the aesthetic appeal, the width options, the realistic flame, and so on. Aside from all of that, the Touchstone Sideline Elite electric fireplace has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone control.

The Touchstone Sideline series has long been a popular series of electric fireplaces. The newest Elite flagship model has an all-flame design, which means most of the front-end is made up of flames and glass.

With a 1,500W electric power input, the Touchstone Sideline Elite electric fireplace also produces 5,118 BTUs worth of heat. It can provide supplemental heat up to 500 square feet (10 BTU per square foot) or heat 170 square feet on its own (30 BTU per square foot). You can control the temperature using the built-in thermostat between 68°F and 88°F.

You can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to experiment with the flame colors and intensities. It has six colors, five intensities, and three flame speeds. Beyond the color choices and brightness intensities, what gives the realistic effect is the non-frame and all-frame design. Your wall seems to be kindling a flame, similar to a wood fire.

Various models are available in 42-inch, 50-inch, 60-inch, 72-inch, and 100-inch widths, with prices based on length

It is by far the best electric fireplace you can buy in 2022. It has outstanding specs, a great look, realistic flames, multiple width options, and the all-important Touchstone brand.


  • The perfect electric fireplace for all your needs
  • The flames appear realistic due to the no-frame design and all-flame design
  • With a noise level of 20 – 30 dB, it is one of the quietest electric fireplaces on the market
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 42″, 50″, 60″, 72″, 100″ models available
  • Use of high-quality, reliable Touchstone brand materials


  • The 100-inch wide model does not come with Wi-Fi
  • Touchstone’s pricing is consistent with their brand reputation

Product info

Product Dimensions5.5″D x 50.4″W x 21.5″H
Finish TypeBlack
Installation TypeWall Mount
Heat Output5000
Ventilation Typeventless
Heating Coverage400 ft.
Item Weight59 Pounds
Chamber Height21.5 Inches
Chamber Width50.4 Inches
Product Dimensions50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 inches
Item Weight59 pounds
ManufacturerTouchstone Home Products, Inc.

3. DIMPLEX Winslow Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

roduct Dimensions5 x 48 x 18.1 inches
Item Weight39.6 pounds
ManufacturerGlen Dimplex Americas
Batteries2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Form FactorWall_mounted
Finish TypesPainted
Material Care InstructionsWipe with damp cloth
Assembly RequiredYes
Warranty Description90 days.
Included ComponentsRemote

The Dimplex Winslow Wall Mount Electric Fireplace could be the best choice for you if you are working with a limited budget.
Even though the price is lower, it’s just as powerful as other electric fireplaces, as shown by its 1400W power that can quickly warm up a large room up to 1,000 square feet.

It also comes with an automatic temperature control option so you do not need to worry about the fireplace overheating.

You can install this wall mount electric fireplace directly on a wall, or you can place it on the stand that comes with it for an even easier installation.

The Dimplex Winslow Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is also available in three different widths to best suit your wall size: 35″, 42″, and 48″. Connecting the Dimplex Winslow Wall Mount Electric Fireplace to a power source couldn’t be easier as well

The vents used to generate heat all run along the bottom of this electric fireplace, and this is useful for a couple of reasons.
Modern design of the fireplace looks stunning in any home. Additionally, it features LED side-strip lighting to create a glow behind the fireplace that enhances its beauty even further. The flames are also created through LED lighting and give the illusion of a real fire.

Additionally, you can choose from three interchangeable ember media options for this electric wall mount fireplace. This will allow you to create the perfect look for your room.

On the side of the fireplace are touchscreen controls that allow you to adjust the lighting and all other settings. And, for even more convenience, a remote control is included for further adjustments.


  • perfect  Budget  electric fireplace
  • wall or on the included stand
  • Behind the unit, a color glow is provided by side strip lighting
  • Touch screen controls
  • DIMPLEX brand materials of the highest quality and reliability


  • come with 48 – Inch Only

Product info

Power SourceElectric
Product Dimensions5″D x 48″W x 18.1″H
Finish TypePainted
Installation TypeTabletop,Wall Mount
Heat Output4777 British Thermal Units
Special FeatureCorded
Room TypeLiving Room
Ventilation Typeventless
Included ComponentsRemote
Model NameWinslow 48″ Wall-Mount
Chamber Width48 Inches
Number of Batteries2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Product Dimensions5 x 48 x 18.1 inches
Item Weight44.6 pounds
ManufacturerGlen Dimplex Americas

4. ClassicFlame Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace

Item Weight67.1 pounds
Form FactorInsert
Finish TypesBlack
Warranty Description1 year limited warranty.
Batteries Required?Yes
Heat Output:4,400 BTU/h
Heating Area:400 sq ft
Termostat Range:60°F – 90°F

It is the best built-in electric fireplace you can buy this year because it is the most balanced model.

In terms of heating output, it can generate 4,400 BTU/h and 1440W of power. That is the most popular size for wall fireplace heaters. Heat up to 400 square feet of space using ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT.

Furthermore, the flame effect can be used with or without the heating function. For instance, you could use it in the summer to create a cozy atmosphere without heating In the winter, you would turn on the heating.

The thermostat temperature on ClassicFlame can be controlled from 60 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the largest temperature range on any electric fireplace. By using the remote control, you can change the thermostat temperature as needed.

There are a few drawbacks to the 36EB110-GRT, including its height of 24 inches (the thinnest ones have a height of under 20 inches) and its width of 36 inches.

It is possible, however, to consider these two specifications as advantages. Although the 36EB110-GRT is not the most space-saving fireplace, its 24-inch height creates a more realistic atmosphere.


  • The high flame and six color options for the mood lights make it look like a real fireplace
  • With a heating output of 4,400 BTU/h, the specifications are well balanced
  • There is a wide temperature range of 60°F to 90°F on this thermostat
  • ClassicFlame is one of the most recognized brands in the world


  • only in 36″ width
  • There is a height of more than 20′′ in total. It is not the most space-saving, but it creates the best fireplace atmosphere

Product info

Power SourceElectric
Product Dimensions7.62″D x 36″W x 24″H
Finish TypeBlack
Installation TypeBuilt In,Wall Mount
Heat Output4400 British Thermal Units
Special Feature4400 BTU
Room TypeLiving Room
Ventilation Typeventless
Item Weight67.1 Pounds
Model Name36″ Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert, 120 volt
Number of Batteries2 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Product Dimensions36 x 7.62 x 24 inches
Item Weight67.1 pounds

5. Mystflame Slim Electric Fireplace 

Heat Output:5,000 BTU/h
Heating Area:450 sq ft
Termostat Range:62°F – 86°F
Width:50”, 60”, 72”, 95”
Height:17.72 inches
Power:750W/1500W (120V)
Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars

With its modern design, Mystflame Ultra Slim is a modern fireplace that doubles as a heating device and an interior design feature. In the world, the thinnest electric fireplace is the Mystflame Ultra Slim, which only measures 17.72 inches high.

The Mystflame engineering center is the slim design. As we discussed earlier, the most convenient way to save space is to install electric wall heaters. Despite the name ‘Ultra Slim’, Mystflame Ultra Slim is the slimmest of them all. The TV can easily be placed above the fireplace and saves you the most space.

In summary, the Mystflame Ultra Slim is a beautiful piece of contemporary interior design that has an impressive heating feature. It is available in four widths: 50″, 60″, 72″ and 95″:

Using 1500W, it can heat up to 450 square feet with an output of 5,000 BTU/h. You also have a remote-controlled thermostat that lets you set the temperature anywhere from 62°F to 86°F.

With LED lights, you have a wide range of options. The intensity can be adjusted to create a lifelike flame. Three flame colors and three light colors are available.

All in-wall recessed electric fireplaces are made from metal and tempered glass, which is a classic material for such a fireplace. These materials are designed to last over a decade.


  • The design is sleek and modern
  • The thinnest fireplace heater recessed into a wall
  • Decent 62°F – 86°F thermostat
  • Featuring 3 LED lights and 3 flame colors


  • The specs, materials, and design make it more expensive than average
  • This fireplace can weigh up to 30% more than other fireplaces because of the quality of the materials

Product info

Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions5.51″D x 72″W x 17.72″H
MaterialTempered Glass
Finish TypeTempered Glass
Installation TypeWall Mount
Heat Output5100 British Thermal Units
Special FeatureFlame Effect
Room TypeLiving Room
Ventilation Typeventless
Chamber Width5.51 Inches
Product Dimensions72 x 5.51 x 17.72 inches
Item Weight79.8 pounds

6. PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace

Product Dimensions40.55 x 5.9 x 20.27 inches
BTUMaximum of 5120BTU
Wattage750 Watts -1500 Watts
Item Weight41.2 pounds
Batteries2 AAA batteries required.
Finish TypesPowder Coated
Number of Pieces1
Warranty DescriptionStandard 1-year warranty.
Included ComponentsFirebox, Glass Panel, Remote Control, Owner’s manual, Crystals, Logset  
  •           BTU: 

In addition to heating the room, electric heaters typically add ambiance by adding a certain amount of ambiance. The PuraFlame Alice 50-inch wall mount electric fireplace is a whole new level of functional functionality and ambiance.

A 400-square-foot room can be heated by this heater, although there are only two heat settings available. The wall mount fireplace can be set to turn off automatically within a range of 30 minutes to 9 hours using the countdown timer.

Also, the LED lights in Puraflame Alice are extremely bright and produce very realistic flames. You can also operate the flames with or without heating the room in four different settings. It has been reported that some of the parts of the unit arrive damaged or stop working after a period of use.


  • Ideal for medium & small rooms
  • modern design
  • It can be used as a heater or simply as a display
  • Adjustable display & heat settings


  • Large rooms are not recommended
  • There is silence, but it is not silent

Product info

Product Dimensions5.9″D x 40.55″W x 20.27″H
MaterialTempered Glass, Metal
Finish TypePowder Coated
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Heat Output5100 British Thermal Units
Ventilation Typeventless
Included ComponentsFirebox, Glass Panel, Remote Control, Owner’s manual, Crystals, Logset
Item Weight41.23 Pounds
Model NameAlice 40 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace,
Number of Batteries2
Number of Batteries2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Product Dimensions40.55 x 20.27 x 5.9 inches
Item Weight41.2 pounds

How to Pick Right the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

While we have provided you with the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces, it can be a difficult task to pick the right wall mount electric fireplace for your home.

It’s not just about aesthetics. You’ll also need to consider your heating requirements, energy efficiency, and the size of the room you’re warming.

What is a wall mount electric fireplace? ( For your knowledge)

Electric fireplaces mounted on a wall are called wall mount fireplaces. This type of fireplace is also known as a wall hanging or wall mounted fireplace, and it can provide a fire in your home without taking up a lot of space.

Several of these fireplaces can be wall-mounted using a bracket, while others must be recessed into a wall. These options are also available with electric fireplaces.

How Does an Electric Wall Fireplace Work?

Infrared technology uses electromagnetic waves to heat objects by sending them into a room. The fireplace draws cool air into the room, passes it over the heating element, then circulates it.

Due to the fact that there are several types of heating available, how your electric wall fireplace works will depend on your choice. Let’s begin by discussing convection heating.

When this type of electric fireplace is switched on, a metal element warms up.

Cool air will be drawn into the room, passed over the element, and then forced out into the open room so that warm air will circulate.

The process of infrared heating is a little different because the heating element in the fireplace radiates heat outward without the use of a fan, similar to how the sun warms the earth.

The heat will come on almost instantly, and there will be no dust being blown around.

Both heating methods have the advantage of retaining all the heat without losing it through a chimney. Therefore, an electric fireplace used to heat a room will maintain its heat for a longer period of time and more quickly.

What Are The Types Of Electric Fireplaces?

There are typically three types of electric fireplaces when we think of them

1. Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces (Most Popular Style)

In terms of installation, the best wall mounted electric fireplaces are those that hang directly on the wall. Mounting hardware usually comes with the purchase of a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Some models require a recess in the wall, while others can be hardwired.

Due to their ease of installation and aesthetic appeal, wall-mounted electric fireplaces have become the most popular type of electric fireplace.

2. Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts can only be installed in existing fireplaces. There are usually abandoned wood or coal fireplaces; the primary reason they are abandoned is that solid fuel fireplaces need to be vented because they are blocked or restructured chimneys.

You can simply insert an electric fireplace insert into a hole in the wall where an old wood fireplace was, for example, if it once had a chimney that is no longer there. When you install an electric fireplace insert, it doesn’t really matter if the hearth is brick or steel-lined.

Most 1,500 W units require an insert that plugs into a standard outlet. You place the entire electric fireplace insert in the middle of your fireplace.

Before you install your electric fireplace insert, make sure the hearth is clean. Don’t worry about ashes and embers; most electric fireplace inserts have a realistic flame-like effect with ash and embers.

3. TV stand with electric fireplace

A fireplace can be installed by simply buying a mantel that holds the electric fireplace. Most of the time, these mantels also function as TV stands. In essence, you could put an electric fireplace beneath your TV.

An electric fireplace mantel is alike an electric fireplace insert or wall-mounted fireplace. They are both relatively affordable, and there is a reason for that. The benefit of mass-production (lower costs) is that they can be produced en masse, but the cost is lowered by using lower-quality materials.

Adding a TV stand to an electric fireplace mantel is not recommended by a reputable interior designer. Electric fireplaces tend to look less attractive and are often made by a company that primarily makes furniture, not electric heating systems.

Considerations to make when choosing the best wall mount electric fireplace for your home

1. Heating Power 

Except for those that are strictly interior design pieces, all electric fireplaces generate heat. The amount of heat they can generate depends on the power they receive.

The average electric fireplace uses 1,500 watts of power. Many of them have two input levels; low (750W) and high (1,500W).

A 1500 watt electric fireplace requires heavy-duty wires Old-school electric fireplaces used 1,500 watts. Plugging a modern electric fireplace into a volt outlet is the most common installation method.

An electric current heats up the nichrome coils, located below the flames, before being heated by fans to blow warm air into the room. Any Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces energy efficiency level above 99% uses that power for heating.

2. Brand 

In order to make the right choice when buying Electric Fireplaces, you need to understand the brand of the product. As a result, the highest-level branded products are made with the highest-quality materials and utilize the most advanced technologies.

A high-quality product will be more energy efficient, safer, and last longer. Moreover, the company provides excellent after-sales and service

3. Dimensions

It is important to consider how an electric fireplace will look in the room in which it will be placed. This is divided into two factors: the size of the electric fireplace you need and the size of the room you want to warm up. The wall you select should have three to six feet clearance on all sides while also holding the weight of the fireplace.

Any wall mount electric fireplace that is too small will appear out of place if you have a large space on the wall.

In the same way, if you have a small space on your wall, you should choose an electric fireplace that will sit comfortably within it rather than looking like it has been shoved in.

To ensure that you have enough clearance around the fireplace, you should measure the wall before you buy. While measuring the wall, you might want to consider the square footage of the room as well.

It is recommended that wall mount electric fireplaces only be used for supplemental heating, and trying to heat a room larger than your fireplace is capable of will result in it taking a longer time to heat. This will also increase your energy consumption.

4. Flame Option

Among the most attractive features of a wall mount electric fireplace is the ability to change the flame color. You will be able to create the perfect ambiance for your room regardless of the season.

If you choose an electric fireplace with a good range of flame colors, you can have pink, green, and purple flames as well as orange and yellow flames when you want them.

It is often possible to adjust the brightness and speed of the flames created by LED lighting, as well as the color.

5. Safety Features Of Electric

The safest type of fireplace is the electric fireplace. Other fireplaces – gasoline, oil, wood, coal, even an ethanol fireplace pose more risks.

In spite of this, electric fireplaces are completely safe. You just need to be careful with the heat and the coils, since they are hot. Venting, chimneys, oxygen detectors, ashes, air pollution, etc., are not necessary.

Even if you are concerned about the heat generated by an electric fireplace, you should still inspect the specifications sheets of these 3 key safety features:

  • Overheat Protection
  • Cool-To-The-Touch Glass
  • ETL, UL, and CSA Certifications

6. Noise 

We consider the sound level of electric fireplaces as a tertiary factor; some manufacturers do not even specify it on the specification sheet of their fireplaces. Nevertheless, there are two important things to look for when purchasing an electric fireplace on sale:

There is a buzzing sound generated by electric fireplaces, but they are generally very quiet (below 40 dB) so you won’t hear it. You should be cautious if the specification sheets include anything higher than 45 dB.
The electric fireplace can generate “wood fire crackle” sounds. Although they are artificial (the wood isn’t actually crackling), they produce a more realistic effect.

7. Prices 

Generally, electric fireplace prices range from $100 to $1000. The following factors impact electric fireplace pricing:

  • Brand – They are manufactured by a company that has a high brand name, and the products are highly priced and maintained at an extremely high level.
  • Width – It should be self-explanatory that shorter 24″ units are cheaper than longer 100″ units.
  • Aesthetic appeal – In order to be aesthetically pleasing, electric fireplaces tend to be more expensive. The most expensive electric fireplaces are those that are picturesque. It should be noted that these units do not have outstanding specs that could easily dictate a higher price; rather, they have a certain aesthetic appeal that cannot be objectively quantified.

8. Energy Efficiency

The Most Important Factor in the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces is Energy Efficiency
In addition to being more effective at heating the size of the room they’re designed for and using less power, energy efficient heaters are also more expensive up front. They are more expensive up front, but they save you money in the long run.
also It is important to look for the Energy Star seal to identify more eco-friendly and efficient models. A wall mount electric fireplace must be energy efficient. In general, electric fireplaces use a minimal amount of energy, which is good for both the environment and the economy.

By switching between wattages, you can monitor energy usage more effectively by using an electric fireplace with adjustable power.

In cases when you only need a little more heat, 750W will be the best choice for you. In cases where it’s a little colder, changing to 1000W or 1500W will provide you with additional heat.


Wall mounted electric fireplaces can be plugged into regular outlets.?

The best option for a wall mount fireplace is to use an outlet connected to its own circuit breaker or fuse. This is considered to be the safest option. You should never plug your fireplace into an outlet that shares only one circuit breaker or fuse with several other outlets. In this case, you should hire an HVAC expert for setting up a new electrical outlet if the outlet doesn’t have a fuse or breaker.

Is it possible to mount a TV over an electric fireplace?

TVs can be mounted under or above fireplaces that have wall mounts but they need to be kept at least 8 inches apart. There is, however, the possibility that your TV will be damaged if the BTU output of your wall-mounted fireplace exceeds 50000. Alternatively, you can place your TV upside down if the fireplace blows heat from the bottom or vice versa.

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